Carles Comas

Sound Designer
Audio Engineer
Music Producer

About me

I am an enthusiastic sound designer based in Barcelona, with over 10 years of experience in sound design & audio engineering.

My goals are to continue working as a professional within the sector and to be part of productions that continuously expand my skills and bring me enriching experiences. My dedication and constant commitment have allowed me to work in grade A studios and on all kinds of projects such as video games, feature films, short films, advertising, dubbing, radio, podcasting, apps and music. 
I have worked for national and international brands such as Netflix, Apple, Nestle, Danone, Cupra, Headspace, Calm, TikTok and many more. Nowadays, I am working on video games as a sound designer for different projects. 
My attitude in the face of new challenges has made me an essential member of every team throughout all my career. As a meticulous and detail-oriented person, I use my problem-solving skills to make things run easier and more efficiently.
After studying Unreal Engine 5, Unity and Wwise I am exclusively working on video games because it’s my passion and an all-encompassing way of working with sound.


Sound Design
Audio Editing
Audio Mixing
Audio Recording
Pro Tools - Official Certificate
iZotope & Audio Repair Plugins
Wwise - 101 - 301
Unreal Engine

I also know about, Photoshop, Davinci Resolve, Microsoft Office, Mac Os and Windows.


Spanish – Native

Catalan – Native

English – B2 First Certificate

French – Delf A2


2023 – 2023 Unreal Engine 5, Sound Design 

School of Video Game Audio

2014 – 2016 Bachelor’s Degree, Audio Engineering 

SAE Insitute Barcelona


2014 – 2015 Diploma in Audio Engineering

SAE Institute Barcelona


2012 – 2014 Online Postgraduate in Audio and Sound Systems

Universidad de Valencia 


2014 Diploma in Foley Designer

MK3 Escuela Superior


2012 – 2014 Diploma in Sound Engineering 

MK3 Escuela Superior


2011 Diploma in Sound Equipment for Events

EMAV (Escola de Mitjans Audiovisuals de Barcelona)


2008 – 2010 Scientific Baccalauréat

Escola Frederic Mistral Tècnic Eulàlia

– Extensive experience and speed with Pro Tools – PT 110 

– Experience in project management and organization 

– Experience in filming and location sound

– Experience in event management and organization 

– Experience in team management and group work 

– Great learning ability with any new software 

– Great creative ability 

– Bass player in Blaze Out 

– Driving license with own vehicle 

– Great passion for video games, music and new technologies

My Experience


Blastaway Studios

Sound Designer
Project manager

I am currently working at Blastaway Studios as the lead sound designer and project manager. We are currently working on two different projects using Unity and Wwise: A first person realistic horror game and an online platform competitive game.



Sound Designer
Audio Engineer
music producer

Worked as a freelancer with different teams for games, advertisement, dubbing, and music projects. I am also currently a co-owner of Amplifire Studio, a fully equipped studio for all kinds of productions based in Barcelona, Spain.


Idea Sonora


Sound Designer
Audio Engineer

Grade A studio dedicated to recording, post-production and sound design. I used to work on national and international projects for companies such as Danone, Cupra, Nestle, Apple, Netflix and TikTok among others, My responsibilities included sound design for advertising, ADR, AI training, dubbing and podcasting recording, design and mix.


Amplifire Studio

Sound Desginer
Audio Engineer

Co-founded and worked as sound engineer at Amplifire Studio, a fully equipped studio for all kinds of productions based in Barcelona, Spain.


All That Sound

Dubbing Engineer

Dubbing engineer for national TV productions.


Cine en Acción


Co-founded and worked as sound engineer at Amplifire Studio, a fully equipped studio for all kinds of productions based in Barcelona, Spain.


La Atlántida Studio

Editing & Recording

Recording assistant and head of editing at La Atlántida studio. Grade A recording, musical production and mixing studio.

Throughout my professional career I have worked on more than 100 projects that have led me to professionalize in areas such as Sound Design, Music Production, VO recording for advertising, Apps, Dubbing, ADR and the recording and management of files for artificial intelligence training.